Competitive Edges

R&DCompetitive Edges

R&D Competitiveness

Technology Development

  • GFF in 2007, G1F in 2010, GF1 in 2012, Optical Bonding in 2013, Metal Mesh in 2014
  • Product designing / examining / producing capability
  • Customer-confident technology R&D capability
  • - FPCB Artwork, electrode pattern design technology
  • - High sampling yield rate
  • - Sample interim analysis and Improvement report
  • Metal Mesh visibility improvement patent registered
  • - Application model : large sized models (15)

Process Technology

  • Outclass our competitors with self-developed process and optical bonding equipments
  • - Tooling cost reduction, individual model modification
  • - Rapid response capability, expandable production capacity
  • Self-developed TSP and LCD Module functional testers
  • - Accumulate improvement know-how through daily malfunction analysis
  • Effective lay-out and mass production take-over through continuous process development

Quality Competitiveness

Strengths in process

  • Retain verification devices for product reliability
  • Maintain clean class under 50class by semiconductor process-level clean room facility
  • Retain pilot product line design / examination / produce adaptability for new product line application

Quality management system per process

  • ISO/TS - 16949 certification
  • Post facto management and quality control through ISO-9001, ISO-14001 system
  • Operate around-the-clock QA teams and 48hour emergency response system to handle customer claims and improvement demands
  • Maintain 96% of production yield based on material and production process know-how

Secure production yield 2% higher than competitors (M., P. Co.)

  • Defective alarm system through real time monitoring per process
  • maintain 80% of production crew as qualified inspectors, initiate frequent random inspection
  • Real-name inspector system for detection capacity improvement
  • Daily inspector trend management, continuous monitoring
  • Particularized inspection from raw-material (CTQ process classification applied) and product standardization management
  • CTQ(Critical To Quality) Process : the major measurable characteristics affects to product quality the most

Price Competitiveness

Secure the diversity of SCM system composition for TOUCH MOULEs

  • A total amount of Woori N Tech & HyunWoo Electronics C TYPE production from 2007 to 2014 : 50milion
  • ITO clientele : Iljin Display, Ilshin electronics, SI, INTERFLEX, Tmos, Dongjin, Young Fast Optoelectronics, PANASONIC , LGIT, Nissha , J-TOUCH , DNP , FUJI FILM , MUTTO
  • WINDOW clientele : LENS, VITAL, MAXPOD, Corning, Jingbo, Speenex, Jaemin View Tech, NK ENG, SG Global, AGT
  • FPCB clientele : ISU Exaflex, ACT, Seil Electronics, SI FLEX, INTERFLEX, FlexCom, DaeDuck Electronics

various SCM system meets S. Co.s cost requirement can be applied with mass-production capacity collaborated with P. Co. and M. Co. and business backgrounds of ours

Provide post-process solution

  • Capable to build up independent SCM system for touch module including direct bonding
  • Post-process solution simplification : Reduction of TSM packing cost and logistics cost, capable to meet short term productions
  • Indirect cost minimization based on facility investment
  • - Production capacity of 220K/month currently, expansion investment reserved ( production capacity of 500K/month henceforward - expected to cost about 500 million won)
  • Secure process competitiveness through self-developed optical bonding process.

Retain production cost competitiveness through stable production yield

  • Secure stabilized high production yield rate
  • Secure production yield 2% higher than competitors (S., M., P., TB., HI., DJ., N., TM., SK. Co.)
  • Accumulated mass-production experiences and technique for GFF , GF1 , G1F TYPE

Woori N Tech cost competitiveness

Competitively low cost based on competitive SCM system built up through the business experiences with M. / P. Co. post-process solution and high production yield rate. (selected as the best bidder for M. Co., P. Co. production bid)