Quality Policy

ProductQuality Policy

Woori N Tech & HyunWoo Electronics Co., Ltd., is operating 100class clean room, managing managing the facility to contain clean process environments, preisolating product quality and reliability deterioration problems.

  • Semiconductor facility-level particulate matter control equipments and devices
  • Maintaining seperate air flow management for each area and Clean process environment
  • Effective temperature and moisture management through thermo-hygrostat units
  • Can respond immediately to production facility changes
  • Operating separate lamination chamber
  • Measuring particulate matter density per time to maintain air cleanliness

Quality Policy

Woori N Tech Co., Ltd., promotes B.E.S.T. policy policy in whole company to secure customer satisfaction and quality improvement.

Product Quality Strategy

Quality Assurance

Quality Raw-materials Securement, Production Yield Stabilization, Inspection Capability Securement, Production Customer Satisfaction

Phase Quality Assurance Status
Quality raw materials Securement
  • Quality pre-stock securement through raw material quality trend management and integrated defect management system
  • Initiate Total inspection before process, secure secondary quality assurance, and uphold post process stabilization
Production Yield Stabilization
  • Process yield stabilization from continuous improvement for the worst defects per each process
  • Operate production quality patrol to maintain the optimum environment
  • Daily, weekly, monthly defects monitoring
  • Designate priority management factors by models
Inspection Capability Securement
  • Real-name inspector system for detection capacity improvement
  • One-on-one inspector customized training
  • Daily inspector trend management, continuous monitoring
Production Customer Satisfaction
  • Immediate response to Product quality inquiries and prompt feedback
  • Accidental detects prevention via Fool Proof System ( AOI inspection, bar code, etc)