Manufacturing Process

ProductManufacturing Process

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Preparation for SMD assembly process Preparing subsidiary materials, adhering stickers, logos, battery pads for SMD assembly processSMD
SMD Acceptance Inspection SMD Visual Inspection Process
Soldering Process Soldering a speaker and power socket wires onto SMD
Primary assembly Process Assembling soldered SMD with pre-assembled bottom case
Bolts 3P Connecting primary assembled SMD with bolts(3P)
Card Insertion Test Checking for Hi-pass card insertion and motion detection
Secondary assembly Process Assembling button decoration sets and top case on the insertion tested products
Bolt 1P Connecting bolt(1P) to assemble top case with bottom case
Functional Test Process Initiating functional test and generating serial numbers for fully assembled products
Functional Test Process Testing products electrical functions and performance
Packaging Packing complete products with manual, battery, and packing buffer