Manufacturing Process

ProductManufacturing Process

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ITO Acceptance Inspection ITO(Sensor) Panel Visual Inspection Process
Window Acceptance Inspection WINDOW(Glass) Visual Inspection Process
ACF process Temporary attaching conductive film before bonding ITO(Sensor) with FPCB
FOF bonding process thermo compression bonding ITO(Sensor) with FPCB
LAMINATION process Attaching WINDOW to Sensor
AUTO CLAVE process Removing air bubbles from the products with thermo compression treatment
Sealing process Coating exposed sockets while Bonding to protect the sockets from outside environment factors
F/I Process(visual inspection) The final visual inspection before the complete product shipment
Assembly Process Adhering protective tapes or double-sided tapes to add panels to the surface of complete products
Functional Test Process Testing products electrical functions and performance
LOT MARKING Marking the production date and product information before the complete product shipment
Shipment inspection the total inspection right the complete product shipment
Packaging Packing with the last-minute check for the product quality and quantity to confirm prompt delivery