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We are operating 100class clean room, managing the facility to contain clean process environments,preisolating product quality and reliability deterioration problems.

With recent advancement of electronic industry and precision machinery industry, manufactured products in these days is required to be more densificated, micrified, with higher quality and reliability.

As floating particles attached to product on processing can cause product quality inconsistency, an inhibiting factor for production, which affects to product reliability and production cost, we are focusing our best efforts on maintaining clean processing environments. Clean room can be mainly utilized for precision industry and any other industries require an aseptic process environment.

We gratify the following industry demands.

  • Semiconductor : Wafer manufacture, process, PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY, IC chip production
  • Electronic equipments : magnetic drum, magnetic tape, SHADOW MASK
  • Precision machinery : rocket engine components, watch parts, bearings, measuring instruments
  • Optical instruments : lens, high-integrated circuit mask, printed circuit, film, precision printing
  • Medical instruments : medical apparatus and instruments for general and special surgery, special care, recovery room, infant unit, and pharmacy
  • Medicaments : injection serum, axenic animal, common drug, medicine manufacture
  • Food : brewing, fermentation, dairy products, meat products, flour products
  • Farm products : mushroom cultivation, plant tissue culture