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Woori N Tech & HyunWoo Electronics Co., Ltd., provides Optical Bondingwith self-developed and modifiable process system.

We can reduce tooling cost, practice inch-up, develop own function testers by applying self-developed manufacturing processes.
We can provide 15.6 LCM with a steady production yield. (200k/month)

Optical Bonding Technology

  • Its a manufacturing technology produces display modules with clear optical quality by reducing its light reflecting property in outdoors and great resistance to impact, moisture, and foreign substances.
  • By removing of its air bounds inside, the process become easy to produce and manage LCD and TSPs thin-walled layers. This technology is applied to every high-end smartphones these days.
  • Our optical bonding technology can be applied not only to smartphones but also special LCD modules which have thick bezels for automotive electronics.
  • We are in mass production for overseas export models from 2013 and 2 of our domestic client companies.

Optical Bonding

  • Has an advanced optical property minimizes light reflections while using.
  • To produce display modules with great resistance to moisture, and foreign substances.
  • Burst-proof for external vibration and impact
  • Maintains thin-layered LCD and TSP by removing of its air bounds

Optical Bonding applied field

Any display products require reliability and low-light-reflection can be applied

  • Mobile Devices (Tablet, Ultra-book, Handset)
  • Automotive Digital Devices
  • Home Appliances
  • Medical Applications
  • Industrial Controllers
  • Military Applications

LCM History

  • 2014. 10 : Manufactured 13.1 inch industrial Optical Bonding sample (moniter)
  • 2013. 11 : Mass-produced X7AS2 4.5 industrial radio set
  • 2013. 08 : Supplied Optical Set up for P. Co. Secret Not (EF59) (production capacity : 220K/month)
  • 2013. 06 : Optical Bonding for automotive electronics business expansion (in mass-production for P. Co.(EU))
  • 2013. 04 : Supplied 4.5 LCM for R. Co.
  • 2012. 10 : Developed and supplied 4 OCTA LCM for H. Co.
  • Model name : P. Co. (EU)
  • Applied device : Volvo Digital Dashboard
  • CAN communication applied model
  • Model name : N. Co. 6
  • Applied device : Industrial radio set
  • Model name : P. Co. 6
  • Applied device : Vega Secret Note