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Woori N Tech & HyunWoo Electronics Co., Ltd., high quality TSP productswith 2 decades of highly accumulated technology and experiences.

We produce TSP can be applied in cell phone, tablet, laptop and any other mobile devices and home appliances and has a production capacity of more than 200k panels per a month.

TSP(Touch Screen Panel)

Touch screen is a screen device lets a user give input or control of the user interface system on the screen not by using keyboards or any other input methods but by touching the screen directly.

There are two different main operational principles of TPS, Capacitive touch screen and Resistive touch screen.

Capacitive touch screen takes body capacitance from the finger touching the surface of the screen as an input, while Resistive touch screen detects a signal generated by the layers inside of the screen altered when contact is made to the surface of the screen by a finger or a stylus pen.

Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screen is widely used on the most of recent smartphones. It has current through sensors and detects the contact coordinates and sensitivity when the capacitance is generated by a user contacting with the sensors of the surface.

Woori N Tech & HyunWoo Electronics Co., Ltd., developed capacitive touch screen for Samsung Electronics, acquired a product approval from Samsung as the Koreas first capacitive touch screen, and moreover, unlike the other companies using ITO sensors, we applied an advanced material, metal mesh into our products. Now we are providing Samsung with metal mesh touch modules.

Metal Mesh

Metal Mesh is a manufacturing method builds electrodes out of silver or copper covered micro films. On account of its high transmission efficiency and low resistance, this method gets related industries attention as an effective substitute for ITO films. Through our two domestic patents and an international patent, we can design patterns circumvent the Moire effect.

We can provide from metal mesh touch-films to modules

  • Effective diversion tuning for noise with low-impedance
  • Rapid response time and low power consumption

Mobile Business History

  • 2014. 12 : Supplied Metal Mesh touch for S. Co. appliances
  • 2014. 04 : Supplied 8 inch Tablet PC
  • 2014. 02 : Supplied 10 inch Tablet PC for S. Co.
  • 2013. 11 : Supplied 16 inch touch screen model
  • 2012. 10 : Developed waterproof mobile phone and conducted mass production system for Japan market
  • 2012. 04 : Supplied touch LCD for S. Co.
  • 2011. 11 : Developed waterproof tablet and conducted mass production system
  • 2010. 08 : Registered as a touch screen subcontractor of T. Co.
  • Model name : S. Co. 13inch
  • Applied device : Touch LCD for laptop (13.1)
  • Model name : S. Co. 10.1 inch
  • Applied device : Tablet PC (10.1)
  • Model name : S. Co. 8 inch
  • Applied device : Tablet PC (8)
  • Model name : S. Co. 7 inch
  • Applied device : Waterproof Tablet